Difference Between A Business Development Manager And A Sales ManagerDifference Between A Business Development Manager And A Sales Manager.

Difference Between a Business Development Manager and a Sales Manager:

What’s the difference between a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER and a SALES MANAGER ? The answer is confusing because in many organizations both are used for same profiles. But there are many differences between Business Development Manager and a Sales Manager. Before answering the question I want to make the answer little bit simpler and I want to ask an another question to make this answer simple.

What is the difference between business and sales? Simple both are not the same at all, in fact sales is a small component of business. Here.

4. Business development manager works according to the vision of the company while sales manager works for revenue generation.

5. Business development manager sets the prices of the products and services while sales manager sales products and services according to the prices set by the company.

6. Business development manager is also responsible for marketing activities while sales manager is responsible for sales activities.

7. A business development manager can play the role of sales manager but sales manager can not play the role of business development role.

Hence business development is broader concept than sales and it is strategic and it is related longer term outcomes, although short term outcomes are not excluded from business development. What are the other differences between a business development manager and a sales manager?