Top 3 qualities of a Business Development ManagerTop 3 qualities of a Business Development Manager.

A successful Business Development Manager should be the driving force behind generating new leads; devoting their time to business development and making their organisation a success. As a Business Development Manager, you’re likely to spend a lot of time visiting clients and attending networking events. But what kind of qualities should a good Business Development Manager have?

1. Charisma: A good Business Development Manager should be likeable. Charisma is an important quality that can help you accomplish things faster, develop relationships and imbue enthusiasm in others. It helps you work with your team as well as your customers.

2. Strong communicator: Communication is key. Delivering sales pitches and convincing prospects to buy new products can be tough if you can’t deliver your message effectively. If you can confidently get your message across, you will gain respect and the selling process will become much easier. Communication skills can often count for more than qualifications in this role.

3. Passion for product: You need to believe in your brand and have a real passion for whatever you’re selling. An obvious passion for what you do will be visible to your customers and help build a sense of trust, belief and integrity.

Do you have the required skills to succeed in business development?

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