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You only need these five fashion accesso...

THE SCARF Graphic patterns reflect a close room. Celine scarf by Hedi Slimane, $ 490, celine .com Benjamin Bouchet for the WSJ. Magazine, fashion editor: Laura Stoloff HATA tweed trilby with a golden touch. Chanel hat, $ 2,475, some Chanel stores Benjamin Bouchet for the WSJ. Magazine, fashion editor: Laura Stoloff THE JEWELLER’SCause a chain […]

7 best Italian fashion styles

RELATED: Outfits for your next 90s fancy dress party The history of Italian fashion Fashion has always played an important role in Italian culture. After all, isn’t that the saying “speak English, embrace French, drive German and italian dress”? There is a long history behind this saying, and it began centuries ago when Italy entered […]

5 Jennifer Lopez fashion styles that nev...

Jennifer Lopez has been recognized as one of the fashion icons in Hollywood. Although she dons different outfits every day, she has certain styles that are always evident in her clothing choices for various glitzy events and on simple outings like going to the gym. The 50-year-old actress can certainly do anything. She can even […]

5 best Japanese fashion styles

RELATED: Gossip Girl Outfits And Fashion What is Japanese fashion? Japanese fashion is home to dozens of distinct subcultures ranging from wildly experimental to relatively tame. On the one hand, you have the cutting edge stuff; think Harajuku, Lolita, or anime-inspired fashion. On the other hand, you have classic, timeless and minimalist looks; this is […]