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Fashion’s biggest night was full of statement silhouettes, unique textiles and modern takes on gold glamour.

We expect the unexpected at the Met Gala and this year was no different. The highly anticipated dress code of “gilded glamour” has been met with bold, modern and ostentatious interpretations (think Ben Platt in a corset, Cardi B literally covered in gold and Kim Kardashian doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression) but the trend most shocking of the night? All-black sets. Indeed, in 2022 it appears golden glamor is goth.

The display and dress code was an ode to the late 19th century, and the aesthetic of that era immediately conjures up images of gold-painted opulence, colorful layers, and showy saturated embroidery. But instead of looking like an extra from the aptly titled new HBO show Golden age, many stars chose to subvert expectations by gracing the steps of the Met in dark monochromatic dresses. Is this a reflection of the dark times we are currently facing? Is this a reaction to the brilliant serotonin boosters we’ve been seeing all spring? Are these celebrities running out of clothes to wear? Who knows.

Still, while many looks strayed from the theme (as usual), the Met Gala 2022 was full of awe-inspiring style moments worthy of fashion’s biggest night. Below, we break down the biggest red carpet statements, from white-tie goth-raisedness to gender-biased glam.

Gothic meets glitz

Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he is. basic. These moody monochromatic looks can be interpreted as a rejection of the vibrant opulence of Gilded Age fashion. The bold color symbolizes power, elegance and sophistication and many guests brought it all to the steps of the Met.

Normani, Phoebe Dyvenor, Irina Shayk, Maude Apatow, Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls were among the list of stars who showed up to the event in white tie in all black. Some participants embraced bondage imagery, such as Lenny Kravitz and Bella Hadid, who opted for leather and lace corsetry details in their ensembles. Others, like Vanessa Hudgens and Karlie Kloss, channeled stylistic witchy vibes in dark dresses with sheer lace embroidered detailing and moody makeup.

Traditional adoption of goth has been growing for quite some time, and with so many all-black Met Gala looks, the notion of defying the norm is a surefire trend for 2022.

Modern animations debuted

Bustles are a staple of Gilded Age fashion. Traditionally, padded underwear was used to add fullness to a dress and lengthen the back of the wearer. So it’s no surprise that the recognizable figure from the bustle is all over the red carpet.

Billie Eilish was one of the few guests with a historically accurate hustle. Her custom Gucci corset dress was both Golden Age appropriate and durable, having been made from deadstock fabric.

Several guests took a different approach, arriving in contemporary and never-before-seen iterations of the garment. Dove Cameron was a perfect example, as she wore an edgy design by Iris Van Herpen that featured a pointed spheroid silhouette. meaning bones of restlessness.

Franklin Leonard offered a fluid version of the piece by pairing two padded undergarments with a tuxedo. Other stars like Anitta, Gemma Chan and Chloe Bailey have strayed from traditional bustle styles and instead incorporated imaginative structural elements into their dresses.

Gender-bending is the new go-to

Now we all realize that gender is a construction. But in the late 1800s, that was not the case. As with most periods, clothing was used to enforce strict gender roles. The women wore large, puffy dresses and the men wore top hats and waistcoats. However, on the steps of the Met, gender fluidity took center stage.

Throughout the event, stars deviated from gender norms with clothing that fused traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity. Example: all men in skirts. Stars like Bad Bunny, Travis Barker, Oscar Isaac and Russell Westbrook have swapped traditional pants for tailored skirt bottoms. Jordan Roth took this trend up a notch in an oversized suit bodice with a voluminous puffy (removable) skirt.

On the other hand, celebrities like Jessie Buckley, Emma Corrin, Christine Baranski, Janicza Bravo and Chloë Grace Moretz showcased rebellious versions of the costume with subversive top hats, shimmering textiles and towering silhouettes.

Capes came out to play

Let’s be honest – we love a good #OTT time and that’s really where the Met Gala delivers. And what’s a glamorous golden tribute without a cascading cape? Fashion icon Lizzo went viral when she arrived at the event in an opulent gold-embroidered cape over a historically accurate corset designed by Thom Browne. And she wasn’t the only one.

Alicia Keys showed her love for New York in a long Ralph Lauren cape with rhinestones depicting the city’s skyline. Gigi Hadid channeled Gilded-era extravagance in a heavy red quilted cape from Versace. Other participants added their personal touch to the shawl, such as Alton Mason, Stormzy, Conan Gray and Kid Cudi.

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