Photograph courtesy of Emilio Pucci

This season is shaping up to be pretty groovy.

70s fashion has a moment. Brands such as Gucci, Paco Rabanne and Vivetta take inspiration from iconic styles of the decade, including wide-leg pants, cartoon daisy prints and dramatic swirls. The 70s were a time of experimentation in fashion, and we’re seeing that same sense of adventure reappear this summer. According After-paymentserotonin clothing is on the rise, meaning people are looking for items that bring them joy, including statement-making colors and unconventional prints.

Modern versions of 70s fashion appear not only on the catwalks, but also in movies and on social media. Excerpts from the 70s film american hustle (2013) are circulating on TikTok, while the release of Elvis as well as the rise of modern rock stars such as Jake Wesley Rogers remind us of the heyday of rock n’ roll. And thanks to TikTok, the Penny Lane coat became *the* winter jacket last year, while clogs continue to make a comeback this season. So between Harry Styles’ drool-worthy wardrobe and our current obsession with nostalgic fashion, expect to see ’70s-inspired looks everywhere this summer.

Whether you’re looking for a new outfit or just looking for some style inspiration, don’t be afraid to channel your inner disco diva. Click through the gallery below to check out some of the best 70s inspired fashion on the market.

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