Business Development CareerBusiness Development Career.

Business development is all about strategizing to increase profit, gain clients and gain market access. It deals with managing products and services, developing and implementing marketing strategies, penetrating the market and making a sale. One career opportunity in this field is being a business development manager. A business development manager is responsible for opening new market opportunities and partnerships. Aside from that, he makes new strategies to reach out existing clients and further strengthen the business partnership. He does these by careful planning and market evaluation. The business development manager must have good organizational, communication and negotiation skills. The growth of the organization lies in his hands. This one challenging career but the rewards compensate all the hard work put into it.

How to become a Business Development Manager.

To become a business development manager, one has to earn a degree in business administration. Upon graduation, one can enter into business development through entry-level careers, such as being an associate. One must gain enough experience and join a business development organization. These will equip one with more skills and eventually lead him up the corporate ladder. One can also a management position by completing an MBA. Acquiring a master’s degree helps one specialize in a specific area of business administration.

Business Development Courses, training, programs.

The courses and training programs equips an aspiring development manager with a background in finance, accounting, economics, marketing and management. Acquired knowledge and skills can be applied through a volunteer program or a job. Gaining valuable practical experience helps one get noticed and be considered as a business development manager.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities.

Harvard University, Massachusetts.

Stanford University, California.

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts.

Northwestern University, Illinois.

Business Development Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay.

A business development manager has an opportunity to work in various private and public organizations/companies. Getting a chance to be employed in a multinational company can give one a financially rewarding career and a chance to travel. This challenging job of a business development manager is compensated through a salary that ranges from $55,948 to $105,405 per year.