Business Development Department FunctionBusiness Development Department Function.

How to improve business development department productivity in 3 minutes Business research – gathering, studying, analyzing information.

This is one of the main functions of business development department. Team of analysts, statisticians and experts work at regular studying and monitoring of external environment – clients, industry, market, company’s image, macro economy etc. in order to find potential opportunities and determine their feasibility, expediency and prospect, to analyze different scenarios and support elaboration of business development strategies.

The internal factors such as organizational structure and production are also the objects of analysis for business development department, because it should guide and monitor the company’s efficiency enhancement. VIP Task Manager is task and time planning software that can help specialists of business development department to plan, track and report their work and also manage documents by attaching files to tasks.

Short-term and long-term business planning. Business development project management.

When certain business opportunity is defined and well-grounded it should be discussed with specialists of concerning departments and company management. Information obtained by business development department is a background for elaborating of short-term and long-term business plans. When opportunity and objectives are considered and agreed with all participants of the process the plan of opportunity realization can be developed and development project initiated. As a result of cooperation of a cross-department team the plan is elaborated into specific tasks that can be assigned to executers and controlled by specialists of business development department , so they can be aware about progress of development plan realization.

VIP Task Manager is a groupware that allows managing tasks from multiple projects within one database and control time, costs, productivity and efficiency. VIP Task Manager can be used by specialists of business development department to manage numerous tasks allocated among multiple executers in real-time regime.

Collaboration with other departments.

One of the functions of business development department is to give recommendations and consultations regarding questions of development of other departments and general company organization. For effective performance of this function good internal communications should be established. Analysts from business development department should be able to share and discuss documents, tasks and projects with specialists from other departments.

VIP Task Manager allows sharing tasks, documents, communicating and sending tasks to external consultants. VIP Task Manager is a groupware that allows users to plan and control work of different departments and cross-department teams within one multi-workflow database.