Business Development Manager Job Description SampleBusiness Development Manager Job Description Sample.

Writing a great job description is a crucial part of attracting, recruiting, and hiring highly-skilled talent for your business. However, managers often regard the task as overwhelming and daunting. If you are working on determining what to cover in the description, try breaking it down piece-by-piece. Define the responsibilities and duties of the job and the qualifications and skills required to be successful in the position. A good job description is the heart of the information that provides job seekers with enthusiasm for working for your business and helps them make the decision to apply. Make sure to use a clear and concise writing style to describe the actual responsibilities, duties, and job specifications accurately, such as those included in the Business Development Manager job description sample.

Business Development Manager Job Description Sample.

We have included an example of Business Development Manager job description below to help you draft a great job description to will attract the best talent.

Business Development Manager Job Summary.

You will prospect new business by advertising, cold calling, networking, cold calling, or other methods of producing interest from potential clients. Then you will design persuasive approaches and proposals to convert potential clients into business customers. By presenting new solutions and services to clients, you will develop and maintain existing accounts. Working with marketing, technical staff, and mid and senior level management facilitates managing the activities of workers charged with developing business for the corporation.

Business Development Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

Prospect for potential clients and convert them into increased business opportunities Present new products and services to improve existing relationships Engage internal and external contacts Recognize opportunities for distribution channels, services, and campaigns that will result in sales Ensure all levels of staff portray the corporation in the best light Research and cultivate an accurate perception of the organization’s mission and goals Forecast sales objectives and ensure they are fulfilled by the business development team Submit and ensure data is accurate on weekly progress reports Attend industry functions, including conferences and association events, and contribute information and feedback on upcoming market trends.

Business Development Manager Qualifications and Skills.

Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field 3-5 years of marketing or sales experience Excellent communication and IT fluency Ability to handle pressures and meet deadlines Superior time management and organizational skills In-depth knowledge of the industry and current events Ability to provide leaderships to a large team of sales people.

Company Profile.

Grant Principals, LLC was established in 1992. Since that time, we have been focused on adding passionate professionals to our team of experts. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees and clients we serve by searching for the best and brightest innovative and dynamic people in the industry to work with us.

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What to Include in Your Business Development Manager Job Description.

It is important to include enough details when you write a Business Development Manager job description to provide an abstract of the essential duties without incorporating too much information. Outline the functions and responsibilities that the position requires concisely and correctly and highlight fundamental skills necessary to create excellent performance. Writing job descriptions is a daunting task without the help of a basic example that incorporates particular components. Although styles and formats differ, the principal elements of a good job description include:

• Title and Summary – The title of the job should accurately describe the nature of the work being performed. If appropriate, add the position level, such as lead, senior, or entry. The job summary outlines the primary functions listed in the job description and gives candidates a sense of what will be assessed in performance appraisals. It should present your company’s culture and style, and provide an introduction to the responsibilities section. • Responsibilities and Requirements – Next, using a present tense action verb, list between five and seven duties to describe what a candidate will do on the job. When preparing the list of skills, levels of experience, and job tasks and obligations, avoid vague phrases. Clarity is the goal to give a sense of what applicants can expect on the job. It also provides a snippet of your company at the same time. • Company Information – A brief summary of the organization, its objectives, and what other workers in the office do helps promote clarity. A well-written job description allows candidates to identify with the company mission statement. Job seekers will view the position description and, if the corporate culture matches their style, make a decision to apply for the job. • SEO – Make sure that your content includes prime keyword phrases and search terms. When applicants start searching for a job, the relevant keywords, terms, and search phrases they use on conventional search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing should be incorporated into your job description. • Call to Action – Now that you have their attention, it is crucial to encourage job seekers to apply for the job. Using appropriate calls to action such as send us your resume, apply for the job now, or other relevant phrases and catchwords to motivate them to take action and apply for the job.

An accurate and concise job description for a Business Development Manager ensures that any job seeker who finds it can easily understand the advantages of working for your organization.

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