Business developmentBusiness development.

Collaboration plays a major part in the success of GSK. This is exemplified in the relationships we’ve built, products we’ve launched and lives we’ve improved.

We place great importance on partnering with other companies, institutions and organisations because we know that many great ideas come from outside our company.

We also know that our alliance partners face unique challenges and opportunities. We work to understand these issues and design an approach to match. So if this is what you’re looking for in an alliance partner, we should talk.

More about our collaborations.

Why work with us.

Find out about the many advantages to collaborating with us.

Pharmaceutical collaborations.

Find out what to expect from us and where our expertise lies in pharmaceutical collaborations.

Vaccines collaborations.

See our key topics of interest and get in touch about business development and collaborations.

Consumer healthcare collaborations.

We look for commercially viable products supported by strong scientific research across four categories.

More about partnerships.


We know that many great ideas can come from outside of GSK, and collaborating with other companies, organisations and academics is fundamental to our business strategy.

Our areas of interest.

Find out about the key therapeutic areas we are interested in collaborating on.

Academic collaborations.

Find out how we work with academic institutions, and what we offer in terms of mutual benefits to research partner.

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