City of MesaCity of Mesa.

Development Services.


Mailing Address.

Mes, AZ 85211-1466.

Hours of Operation.

(essential services only)

Contact Information.

Main Phone Number 480-644-4273.

Christine Zielonka, Director 480-644-3833 Email.

Nana K. Appiah, Planning Director-Zoning Administrator 480-644-2181 Email.

John Sheffer, Deputy Director-Building Official 480-644-5879 Email.

Beth Hughes-Ornelas, Deputy Director Development Planning/Permitting 480-644-3254 Email.

Gordon Haws, Deputy Director Civil Plan Review 480-644-3380 Email.

Ryan Russell, Code Compliance Administrator 480-644-5744 Email After Hours Complaint Line 480-644-3399.

Development Services.

The Development Services Department partners with our customers and citizens to promote and maintain quality development in the community.

To best protect the safety and well being of our customers and employees, Development Services is currently conducting business online and via the telephone. The offices at 55 N. Center are closed until further notice.

Development Services, which includes planning, plan review, and building inspections, is continuing to provide online services at to submit applications and submittals.

For any questions about permits, including any planning officer, call 480-644-4273. The call center is open Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you need to pay for a permit by check, please place the check and invoice in the payment utility box on the north side of 55 N Center.

We are continuing to conduct building inspections within one business day. You can request an inspection by calling the 24-hour line at 480-644-2428.

All public meetings, including Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board will continue to meet on a regular schedule. Please visit the individual board pages for detailed information on how to participate in those meetings.

Because of Mayor Giles’ Emergency Proclamation in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is an interim process to inform residents of land use applications in place of traditional neighborhood meetings.