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The name removal of all music festivals is underway for the first time since April 2019. Here are the trends we expect to see.

Coachella — simply the liveliest music and arts festival perched in Southern California’s arid valley — is back after a two-year hiatus. Finally, the crowd is gearing up again with looks that go in the direction of weird and cool…just the way we like them. But for an event that puts fashion and photography hand in hand, there are no “last season’s festival looks” to reference or build on. Expect to see the unexpected.

Boho-chic flooded the Coachella Valley during these two memorable weekends. It is rooted in the grandeur of Indio, California, where the festival takes place. However, flower crowns, lace bralettes, and Aztec prints aren’t fantastic enough for the assortment of trends that have sprung up in the boring and unprecedented events we’ve survived. So plan to see Dior visors instead of botanical headpieces and campy cowboy boots instead of aviator sandals.

Undoubtedly, Gen Z and Millennials will bring a desirable dose of Y2K, likely in the form of micro-minis, low-rise denim and tiny cut-out dresses. This is especially noteworthy given that Coachella was created in 1999, amidst the era of tight stockings and tight dresses. This could very well become a looping moment. And from corsets to Jacquemus ensembles, to glittering rhinestones at every turn, the desert event will draw inspiration from the ever-thumping impact Euphoria looks we’ve fallen in love with over the past two years.

Looking one-of-a-kind is ultimately the goal when dressing for a star-studded public event like this, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with second-hand and vintage clothing. . Online consignment store ThredUp hosted its own festival shop full of used nuggets. Moreover, owning a look to the mailing has the added benefit of being eco-conscious. Festival culture has always encouraged overconsumption, not least because fast fashion brands have turned to these colossal events to boost sales. According to a Census-wide study based on UK shopping habits alone, around 7.5 million outfits each year are considered single-use, with the sole purpose of attending a music festival. Being intentional with clothes is on our radar for Coachella 2022 and beyond.

Finally, if revealing styles made from voile and mesh are more your vibe, stick with that and know that you’ll also see plenty of these around you, as we are currently and forever in love with embracing our body and to express ourselves. through clothes barely there. After all, you are dressing for the desert.

Browse the gallery below to see our Coachella 2022 fashion picks.

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