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Guaranteed to be the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe!

One of the best packing tips I’ve ever received is to always bring a silk scarf. Why? Because you never know when you’ll need it. What if your luggage gets lost in transit and all you have left is a white t-shirt? A brightly colored scarf will instantly elevate your outfit. What if you misread the weather report and instead of the warm temperatures you dressed for, it’s a sunny day? A square of form-fitting fabric makes the perfect impromptu bandeau top. And God forbid you’re trapped in a tower disney Princess style, and you miraculously remembered to pack fifty scarves. You can tie them all together and escape your evil stepmom equivalent.

So if you need a style refresh or just some inspiration for warm weather dressing, here’s how to style a silk scarf this summer.

The classic

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The silk scarf is an iconic accessory for a reason: everyone has worn it. By Audrey Hepburn in roman holidays to Meryl Streep in The devil wears Prada, celebrities have embraced the headscarf to instantly add some punch to any ensemble. The key to making this trend current is in the silhouette. Go for oversized proportions with a wide-leg blazer and team it with a simple underlayer, like a strappy dress or high-waisted shorts.


Berlin street style woman in black shirt and black and white bandana holding handbag
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After nearly 20 years, the bandana is back. Hot on the heels of the late ’90s/Y2K resurgence, this stylish staple is making a triumphant return, featuring low-rise jeans and tube tops. To take the look from teeny bopper to polished boho babe, try organizing your outfit around one color, as shown above. Alternatively, a linen button-down blouse will have a charming retro look without venturing too far into costume territory.

The TikTok trend

A guest wears a green and white scarf as a top at a fashion event
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The word “scarf top” currently has over a billion views on ICT Tac, so yes, we can say that it is quite popular. Countless videos detail how to turn a silk scarf into a makeshift blouse, but we recommend doing a few at-home experiments before venturing outside. For beginners, start with this triangular shape and progress to more advanced, skin-revealing combinations as your knotting skills improve.

Bonus: the bag

A pink and red style silk bag scarf from Longchamp
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Many of us only have a few bags in our closets, so it can be hard to get them to smell fresh. Luckily, silk scarves are the perfect cure for handbag fatigue. Whether the fabric is hung at the side or tied around suspenders, it’s an easy way to breathe new life into an old item.

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