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The “Queer Eye” star brings her upbeat brand of hair wisdom to your morning shower.

It’s safe to assume that Jonathan Van Ness is your favorite member of the Fab Five. While the whole cast of weird eye is undeniably adorable, the smash hit of Van Ness, the show’s resident hair and grooming expert, is easy to relate to. His can-do attitude and ability to put anyone at ease with his unwavering commitment to being himself is magnetic. He even recently landed her his own Netflix series, Get Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. It’s the same charming and optimistic approach he was inspired to bring to the masses with JVN, his recently launched line of hair products.

“Our hair is a versatile and powerful accessory, and it has an incredible ability to improve our confidence,” says Van Ness, who has worked with a range of clients on weird eye, including those who had completely let their hair down by neglecting to wash it or preferring to cover it with a wig. “It’s such an intimate relationship, and I want to give people more knowledge on how to take care of it.”

To make NVG — which includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products — be as inclusive as possible, Van Ness, who is non-binary and uses all pronouns, looked beyond gender lines and types. cliche hair. Instead, he focused on creating formulas that would work more like skincare to treat hair and scalp for long-term health. “In reality, hair is hair is hair,” he says. “Whether straight, fine, frizzy or curly, all hair has the same concerns. Either it’s too dry, or it lacks strength, or it needs more volume and volume.

NVG Nourishing Shine Drops. Photograph courtesy of JVN

Van Ness was inspired to make hemi-squalane the star ingredient in the JVN line after seeing the miracles he performed on breakage along his own hairline after years of intense grooming on behalf of to be ready for television. “I went from regularly wearing a soft yogi pony to heat styling my hair every day on weird eye,” he says. Naturally derived from sugar cane, hemi-squalane is a must-have ingredient: not only is it able to penetrate the hair shaft, but it has also taken the skincare industry by storm. the skin thanks to its mega-moisturizing results. “I really tried to create this line using the knowledge of my years of experience, but also as a lifelong hair fan,” he says.

Before beginning her television career, Van Ness spent years honing her hair skills, including studying at an Aveda institute. (He was inspired by his mother, who was one of many self-proclaimed Aveda obsessives in the late 90s.) After apprenticing and working for various salons, he opened his own space with a friend then that he lived in Los Angeles. He still cuts and colors customers’ hair from time to time, but it’s his friends and family who get the most regular attention while he tries out his new NVG concoctions. “I was just on a work trip with some friends in Hawaii, and I think I did 16 brushes and took five pages of notes!” he says.

Hair integrity is important to Van Ness, who spoke about her own struggles with psoriasis and her fears about genetic hair loss. The latter is just one of the reasons why he prefers to wear his natural curls all the way to his shoulders. “I grew up in a very small, conservative town, so being able to grow my hair long when I was younger was never an option,” he says. For those who haven’t been able to reach a place of self-love when it comes to their hair, Van Ness names her own industry as a common driver of negativity. “Being in a place of acceptance is really important,” he explains. “I think the beauty industry itself is behind the reason why so many people don’t feel up to their hair and it’s reminiscent of inclusivity. You’re already worth to be celebrated.You don’t have to use products to feel more beautiful.

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