Product Manager Resume Examples (Guide & Template)Product Manager Resume Examples (Guide & Template)

Scroll down one fold and you’ll see a killer product manager resume. But first, think about this:

You’re a product manager. A good one.

You know how to listen. You can understand customer needs in your sleep.

You can juggle a dozen cross-functional teams, speak their lingo, and get them to deliver low-cost solutions in a heartbeat.

To boot, you’ve got enough skills and achievements to make Hunter Walk blush.

How do you cram it all into a professional product manager resume? How can a resume for a product manager translate to more interviews?

Your resume may be the most important product you manage.

This guide will show you:

A product manager resume example better than 9 out of 10 other resumes. How to write a product manager resume that lands more interviews. Tips and examples of how to put skills and achievements on a product manager resume. How to describe your experience on a resume for a product manager to get any job you want.

Here’s a sample resume for a product manager made using our resume builder.

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One of our users, Nikos, had this to say:

[I used] a nice template I found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three . With the same stuff.

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What’s the Best Format for a Product Manager Resume?

Product managers make it happen.

So, make it happen in your resume.

Show your best achievements that match the job offer. Make it easy for the hiring manager to find your value. Create better presentation than a Volkswagen ad.

That all starts with the reverse-chronological layout. It’s the best product manager resume format.

It shows your most recent work first. That’s crucial in a field where yesterday’s product is as passe as big hair and AM radio.

You’ve got the experience, and this resume format will highlight it like a pro shelfie .

Use white space, legible fonts, and big headings to keep your message clean and clear.

Finally, should you save your resume in PDF or Word?

The old advice to avoid PDFs is out. Modern PDFs are machine readable. When in doubt, save as PDF and MS Word .doc.

Pro Tip: Some job offers deny service to product manager resume PDFs. Read the description carefully to make sure they aren’t outlawed.

Want to screen more options for product management resume format? See our guide: 3 Resume Formats: How to Choose the Best One [Examples]

How to Write a Resume Summary or Resume Objective.

Your product manager resume should overflow with projects.

That doesn’t mean you need to drown the CEO in an ocean of words.

Toss her a lifeline in the shape of a resume summary or a resume objective.

A resume summary sums up catalogues of experience. Use it if you’re an old hand.

A resume objective shows your passion instead. Use one if your experience is on the lean side.

Either way, cram it with enough achievements to impress Diana Kimball.

These two product management resume examples show how.

Product Manager Resume Examples [Resume Summaries]

Which of these director of product management resume examples would you rather use?

Experienced product manager seeking new position with great company. Take-charge attitude. Highly skilled in product development, design, leading cross-functional teams, and product iteration.

That’s not terrible, but it won’t land interviews.

Compare it to this senior product manager resume summary :

Highly capable product manager with 6+ years experience, seeking to leverage proven leadership and strategy skills to grow revenue at Eskelund Global. Met 150% of revenue goal in fast-paced tech firm. Led 7 cross-functional teams to 25% efficiency improvement and $1.2M cost savings.

That’s better than a fresh pack of sharpies.

Is your experience more like an unfinished wireframe? If so, see the entry-level product manager resume examples below.

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Two Entry-Level Product Manager Resume Objectives.

Still a junior product manager with no experience?

The old advice was to write a resume objective that showed passion:

Junior product manager seeking entry-level position. No real-world experience yet, but I’m highly skilled in all areas of product design, development, and launch.

That’s as empty as a Venn diagram of easy MBA degrees.

But add details, and even a junior product manager can have a resume objective like this:

Energetic product manager seeking to increase revenue at Osborne Regional Design. Have created 3 mobile apps with a total of 75,000 downloads. Developed 15 wireframes for small businesses and took 3rd place in a Techstars Startup Weekend.

Pow. You just proved yourself. The best part is, it didn’t take five years to do it.

I’ll share tips to get quick product manager experience next.

Pro Tip: Just starting out? Consider working for a lesser company. Listen to customers, create solutions, and pass them to management. Then try for a promotion to product manager.

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How to Describe Your Product Manager Experience.

The CEO of that great company wants to know one thing: Can you deliver?

That comes down to how you show experience on a product manager resume.

Tie it to the job description like a conversion funnel to a product launch.

Show your most recent job first.

Add 3-5 bullet points crammed with related achievements. The product management resume examples below show how it’s done.

Product Manager Resume Examples [Experience]

Look at the first of these software product manager resume samples:

Excelecore Systems.

Product manager for a high-volume software development firm. Met over 120% of revenue goal all four years, and 150% in 2017. Led 7 cross-functional teams from product conception through launch and multiple iterations. Increased 5 efficiency measures by 25%+. Implemented Agile ideation plan, collecting and implementing 30% more ideas from employees than the historical best. Overall cost savings of $1.2 million.

The CEO just dropped her copy of The Lean Startup. Your first-rate resume for a product manager just knocked her off her feet.

Now here’s the wrong way:

Excelecore Systems.

Product manager for a high-volume software development firm. Responsible for meeting all revenue goals. Led 7 cross-functional teams from product conception through launch. Implemented Agile ideation plan, collecting and implementing employee ideas.

All talk and no achievements. Like a daily scrum with no 3-question agenda.

You need to list accomplishments to get CEO to notice you.

Don’t have experience? Let the next two digital product manager resume examples show you what to do.

How to Write a Resume for Product Manager with no Experience.

The good news is, it’s easy to get product management resume experience.

Just take on some side jobs.

Create a wireframe. Make an iPhone app. Volunteer to help a small business or a nonprofit. Make a PowerPoint case study. Research an existing product and suggest improvements. Participate in a startup weekend.

You can also list related experience in non-product manager jobs.

For instance, maybe you were a support rep. You listened to customers and passed solutions to the design team. You can list that on a resume for a product manager.

Watch how this can work in two entry-level product manager resume examples.

Two Product Manager Resume Samples [No Experience]

This first sample product management resume experience section is a flop:

Product Manager Experience: No real-world experience as yet.

Other Experience:

Retail Customer Service.

That’s not much better than a “website coming soon” page.

It takes details to make a junior IT product manager resume sample like this:

Freelance Product Manager.

Created iPhone app that received 2500 downloads. During Techstars Startup Weekend, led team that developed 3rd place pitch. Created a PowerPoint corporate case study that got 25,000 views. As customer support rep for LaCount & Hill International, took requirements from customers and passed 7 implemented solutions to development team.

Now you’re up in the Steve Blank zone. You may already have what it takes to write a product management resume like that.

The real key? Tie your resume to the job description. To do that, ask yourself, what is product management? What does a product manager do?

The answers will inform your resume.

Pro Tip: Ever done a startup weekend? It’s like a small-scale Shark Tank that anyone can do. Collaborate and create a product in just 54 hours. Looks fantastic on a junior technical product manager resume.

Up the UX of your product owner resume with action words. They’ll keep the hiring manager reading so you get more interviews. See our guide: +80 Examples of Resume Action Words for Every Profession.

Is Your Education Section Going Bust? It Might Be.

You must show education on a resume for a product manager.

But don’t just list it. That’s like having five cross-functional teams, then using them to make your coffee.

Start with the basics:

College Name and Location. Years in School. Degree.

But add achievements that fit you to the job like an Armani suit.

See these product management resume examples:

Product Manager Resume Examples [Education]

These two sample product manager resume sections are for a job that values marketing and leadership .


Columbia University, 2012-2016.

Pursued a passion for Product Management coursework. Received a 4.0 GPA across all marketing classes. Excelled in marketing and leadership classes. President, Columbia University Student Council.

That’s not a product management student. It’s a proto Alistair Croll.

But what about the next of our digital product manager resume examples?


Columbia University, 2012-2016.

GPA 3.1 Received MBA.

That’s like Betamax and the Ford Edsel combined.

But put back the details, and you’re in the Brent Tworetzky zone.

Don’t have great education accomplishments? Consider taking an online class through product school. Looks great on a product management resume.

Pro Tip: The WSJ calls product management an MBA grad’s dream job. That said, you don’t need an MBA to write a great product manager resume. Experience and proven skill matter more than a degree.

Do you need to list your GPA on a resume for product management? Find that and other tips in our guide: How to Put Your Education on a Resume [Tips & Examples]

How to Put Skills on a Resume for a Product Manager.

Let’s peek in on the CEO.

She’s looking through a stack of 200+ product manager resumes.

On one, she sees a list of 50 skills.

Is she impressed?

It’s not how many skills you list. It’s whether they match what’s listed in the job offer.

It’s also whether you can prove them.

Let’s look at two divergent product management resume examples. Both are for a job that values product launch , UX , and marketing .

Product Manager Resume Examples [Skills]

This first sample product manager resume clip is all New Coke and Microsoft Zune:

Product Manager Skills: Leadership, communication, collaboration, creativity, listening, UX, strategy, feature definition, forecasting, marketing, ideation, business skills, PowerPoint, MS Project, Agile, research, kitchen sink iteration.

Well, you’re skilled in everything. So is everybody else.

But now let’s pick just the few skills listed in the product manager job description.

We’ll add a couple so we’re not just pandering.

But then we’ll prove them in our bullet points:

right Product manager for a growing SaaS business. Improved UX measures by 25% through increased user feedback collection, synthesis of solutions, and more frequent iteration to customer needs. Launched 3 new products in two years, for total 22% revenue gain. Oversaw 4 successful marketing campaigns with ROI of 120%.

That’s not just a resume skills list. That’s personal branding.

Use the skills below to give your product manager resume a head-start.

List of Skills to Put on a Product Manager Resume.

You can use this product management resume skills list to get started. It doubles as a great list of product manager resume keywords to boot.

Find more in relevant product manager job descriptions online.