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Having the right outerwear is crucial as we all prepare for the change in temperature.

Spring weather is unpredictable. One minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s cold and windy (and sometimes snowy). That’s why transitional coats are essential for this confusing time of year. The right outerwear will keep you warm and dry without sacrificing style.

Classic trench coats are essential for spring dressing, and they’ve been a staple for many decades – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’sCatherine Deneuve in Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Olivia Pope in Scandal. In recent seasons, leather has become a popular material for lightweight outerwear, while the rise of DIY and cheeky fashion has made the “little top big pants” silhouette more fashionable. Shorter jackets, such as windbreakers, jackets and bomber jackets, have become Gen-Z favorites.

From classic trench coats to versatile anoraks to sporty letterman jackets, here are some of our top picks for transitional coats this spring.

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