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Opt for vintage shopping for your spring shopping.

It takes time and patience, but there’s no better feeling than finding that truly unique item of clothing second-hand. Whether you’re rummaging through the shelves of the thrift store or exploring new destinations online, the benefits of second-hand shopping are endless. But most importantly, every used part you buy means one less in a landfill. And with Earth Month well underway, we’ve rounded up some key stats and upcoming trends to make it easier for you to find these eco-friendly treasures.

Vintage designer pieces have always been sought after on the second-hand market, especially if they are rare or archival pieces. Vivienne Westwood, Versace and Tom Ford-era Gucci are among the most popular brands among vintage enthusiasts (yes, the 2000s are vintage now) thanks to the Y2K frenzy, while brands like Pleats Please d ‘Issey Miyake and Maison Margiela are always popular. among a niche group of fashion lovers.

This spring, light-colored leather outerwear and contemporary Japanese aesthetics have gained traction according to a Vancouver-based second-hand designer boutique Faulkner. And springtime pastel colors such as pink, purple and seafoam green are also trending in the sneakerhead community this season, as reported StockX.

When it comes to handbags, although the Hermès Birkin has long been the quintessential investment bag, conservative vintage luxury what goes around comes around declares that there is a new sheriff in town: Old Celine. Demand for Phoebe Philo’s Céline pieces skyrocketed after the British designer stepped down from her role in 2017, but recent rumors that she might be launching a new label with her own label have put the brand back on the radar. all. With the rise of 2010s Tumblr trends (think balletcore, indie sleaze, etc.), What Goes Around Comes Around predicted that the brand’s luggage bag, aka “the smile bag,” will once again be in high demand.

Whether you’re looking for your next investment or a highly sought-after item, here are some used pieces we’re interested in this spring.

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