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From feather boas to sequined jumpsuits, we remember the singer’s most emblematic outfits.

Harry Styles is busier than ever. Between his new acting career, touring, headlining Coachella gigs and launching his beauty brand, Pleasing, it’s no surprise the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer took a brief hiatus. in releasing new music. But now with Harry’s house slated for May 20, the three-year wait is over and Styles is about to make a triumphant return to our summer playlists.

The musician served subtle hints about his third studio album in months, and fans are speculating what to expect. But when Styles released the music video for the first single from Harry’s houseOn “As It Was” (in which he wore a red sequined Arturo Obegero jumpsuit), it was clear the somewhat private singer would let us into his world and take his flashy fashion sense to new extremes.

A nod to Joni Mitchell’s 1975 song “Harry’s House / Centerpiece”, the album will feature 13 tracks. Lucky fans got to hear a preview of upcoming songs “Boyfriends” and “Late Night Talking” during her performances at Coachella on April 15 and 22. For both shows, Styles opted for a variety of flashy and sequined outfits keeping the theme with the selection of sparkly clothes he wore throughout Love On Tour (which will stop in Toronto on August 15 and 16).

But for the cover of Harry’s house, Styles swapped sequins for denim while wearing Molly Goddard head-to-toe. Inspired by the London-based designer Spring 2022 collection, Styles wears an embroidered linen shirt with a peter pan collar, flared jeans decorated with a single red flower and white ballet flats. Clearly, with Harry’s housethe rockstar takes a look at 70s styles. And soon, Harry Styles will soon be flaunting 50s fashion in don’t worry darling (directed by his girlfriend Olivia Wilde and scheduled for release September 23), in which he plays Florence Pugh’s on-screen husband.

Never shy about making a bold fashion statement, we expect even more eclectic looks from Harry Styles as he enters this new era. But why not take a trip down memory lane?

From boy band idol to solo fashion icon, here are some of Harry Styles’ most iconic looks over the years.

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