Sydney Sweeney. Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Popcorn Trophies, Paris Hilton and other moments that make us wonder, what year is it?

The MTV Movie & TV Awards created viral moments before social media was even really a thing. Take the 2005 show, when Best Kiss winners Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams recreated their dramatic kiss of Notebook on stage as Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” played to cheers (including those from celebrities like Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan). Is there anything more typical of the early 2000s than that?

And last night, MTV tapped into our collective nostalgia for that time. Between J. Lo and Snoop Dog’s guest appearances, Vanessa Hudgens and 2000s fashion (Sydney Sweeney’s micro-mini Miu Miu; Olivia Rodrigo’s spiky bun), the MTV Movie red carpet & TV Awards took us back in time.

See for yourself in the gallery below, where we’ve rounded up all the best red carpet looks.

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