To Become a Business Development Manager, what training I may need?To Become a Business Development Manager, what training I may need?

strong public relations, presentation skills , leadership skills , ability to work on weekend and some holidays, creat new business opportunities , meeting with potential new clients , Identify Key Competitors in Marketing, study current market trends and strategies or test new strategies in survey groups, record conclusions, and provide recommendations for businesses’ marketing plans, use Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Swot Analysis.

Now all over the world so many programs offered for training as a business development professional.

The two courses I like more are Value Based Business Development and Effective Negotiations . They are in Canada but I’m sure all countries have similar courses.

There is no limitations , you can chose any training course to develop a specific skill you want to enhance. like Sales Skills, Market research and so on.

Business development managers work with companies to develop, expand and generate new business opportunities. Responsibilities for those working within this industry may vary depending on the type of company and the business services and products provided. Generalized tasks may include marketing, product development and distribution, writing contract proposals and presentations and meeting with potential new clients. Although there are no specific requirements for successfully entering the field, becoming a business development manager requires developed capabilities in the areas of business administration, economics and finance as well as strong communications and negotiating skills.

Conduct some initial research on the field of business development if you have no experience obtained through past jobs or education.

Realize that core aptitude requirements to become a successful business development manager include excellent interpersonal skills as the position entails regular contact with potential and existing clients.

Recognize that working as a business development manager may require considerable overtime including extended hours working into the evening and on weekends.