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Father’s Day (June 19) is almost here, and if you’re not sure what to buy this year, we’ve got you covered with our 2022 gift guide. No two dads are the same, and we so we’ve ranked our picks by interest — from active dads to foodies to traditionalists and more.

Find something special for your dad (or the father figure in your life) with FASHIONof the ultimate Father’s Day 2022 gift guide.

The active dad

This one’s for dads who love hitting the gym, the sidewalk, and the trails. He’s up (probably before the sun) for just about anything: camping, fishing, yoga, etc. Here’s our Father’s Day gift guide for those who prioritize health and fitness (besides family, of course).

The trendy dad

He’s not like other dads, he’s a cool dad! Her biggest flex is her sense of style and you can’t help but indulge that love for the finer things in life. From jewelry to designer clothes to luxury skincare, shop our trendy picks in the gallery below.

The homebody dad

Would he rather stay home and watch movies together than go out and paint the town red? Comfort is key for the homebody dad, and we’ve selected a selection of cozy finds that will have him feeling truly zen this Father’s Day.

The greedy dad

Going to dinner with your parents is not so bad when your father is the head of the family. With a tea towel slung over his shoulder, he slices, stirs and pops a feast that even Gordon Ramsay would approve of. And we’ve found some delicious additions to add to his kitchen with our Father’s Day foodie gift guide.

The classic dad

A glass of whiskey, golf and words of wisdom – this dad is refined and traditional. And perhaps one of the hardest to buy. Why? The greatest gift you can give the classic dad is your time. I mean, if he wanted something, he probably went out and bought it anyway. But still, while you’re clicking on the links, surprise him with a little something that shows how much you care. Browse the gallery to shop our classic Father’s Day gift guide.

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