Level 4/5: Business Development; ManagerLevel 4/5: Business Development Manager.

Role purpose.

To work with the Creative Director to develop the organisation’s vision, strategy and the delivery of its creative programme of work. To manage and develop project management staff and delivery standards; long term partner relationships; and funding opportunity and strategy, to ensure that programmes are strategically relevant and are collaboratively and professionally delivered to meet the goals and expectations of all stakeholders.

The key features of a Business Development Manager are:

Programme Management.

A Business Development Manager will take overall responsibility for co-ordinating the programme of work, ensuring attention to detail and challenging project managers and Leads Arts Workers, where necessary. He/she will encourage and facilitate reflective practice and lead the overall evaluation of the programme.

Business Development.

A Business Development Manager will work to advocate the value of the creative programme by building relationships and promoting the organisation with tenacity and passion. He/she will skilfully manage and develop a substantial knowledge of the sector, using it to forward plan and develop and promote the ownership of, strategic programmes that challenge , in collaboration with client organisations.

People Development.

A Business Development Manager will coach and motivate Project Managers and Lead Arts Workers by being a role model , inspiring them with the passion to play their part in delivering the organisational vision and strategy. She/he will work to build strong relationships with them, by demonstrating commitment and consistency of standards and support. They will respect and value all contribution , while continually setting the challenge to deliver excellence. She/he will also develop learning and development strategy, by keeping up to date with knowledge of best practice and evaluating the learning needs of individuals.

Resource Development.

A Business Development Manager will use knowledge of funding sources application processes and considerable resourcefulness to ensure the forward planning of resource availability and requirement. He/she will continually analyse and evaluate the prudent use of resources.

Skills and experience Well-developed skills/experience in:

Leadership and strategic planning Coaching Networking Negotiation and influencing Programme management Research and analysis Fundraising, Financial.

Good skills/experience in:

Marketing and promotion Creative practice.

Knowledge and understanding.

Substantial knowledge/understanding of :

Legislative frameworks Policies and issues relevant to sub-sector Relevant Art form.

Basic to good understanding of :

Financial statements.